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Innovation and vitality is the first effect that can be seen from Tam. The dynamism and effort to achieve the goals during the company's lifetime has expanded the capabilities and the use of appropriate tools has established a solid infrastructure in the company. Intimate work environment along with new methods of collaborative decision-making has created significant growth and synergy in TAM, and finally, relying on the potentials created while developing products to its goal of increasing customer satisfaction, continuing innovation and expanding its share in the market, it has become a reality. is covered The up-to-date management model, absorption and rapid circulation of information along with intelligent data analysis facilities have turned Tam into a dynamic company. The use of these infrastructures has made it possible to recognize the opportunities and discover the future needs of the society. Tam has created the possibility of a pleasant and simple online purchase in the field of brain wave amplification equipment and using information technology and internet sales system, he creates value for our dear compatriots in order to save time and money. The main product of this store is brain wave amplification equipment. Tam's customers range from end consumers, retailers, wholesalers to chain stores and various organizations that can receive special discounts for their employees by signing a contract with Tam.




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  • Comfortable and at the best price
    Welcome to the largest center for advice, selection and online purchase of brain wave strengthening equipment!
  • Better choice with more knowledge
    We are trying to provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you can choose the most suitable device for you. For this reason, we created the brain encyclopedia section. “The brain book” is for all those who want to know more about the brain.
  • Safe and easy shopping experience
    By obtaining a two-star electronic trust symbol certificate from the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, Tam honors this trust to users who receive services from a reliable and approved e-commerce center.
    Also, Tam has a confirmation from the headquarters of the organization of websites related to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
  • Simple exchange policy
    We are proud to have a device replacement policy according to the conditions stated in the warranty booklet. Therefore, in this case, we will simply return the device without any questions. The most important thing for us is that you are satisfied with Tam. We are committed to providing the best quality service.
  • Moral politics
    mytam.ir is managed by Parse Sanat Andishe Ahurai Company, registered number 33099, at the address of Karaj, Azadegan Square, next to Milad Tower, building 110, unit 5.

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Mr. Engineer Jalil Gholizadeh

Mrs. Dr. Hamideh Khalilpour


Comfortable and at the best price


Better choice with more knowledge


Simple exchange policy


Moral politics

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