Feed your soul with Tam

Feed your soul with Tam

The result of years of research and study by total experts, production and supply of powerful devices
The field of improving brainwave performance

Advantages of the device

1- Improvement of brain disorders with advanced magnetic technology

Improving brain function with new magnetic waves to treat neuropsychic problems.

2- Ability to adjust personalization with brain map for best performance

Matching the device with individual brain waves to optimize treatment and recovery.

3- Registration of 12 different protocols to treat different problems

Choosing a protocol suited to individual needs for treatment and rehabilitation.

A miracle in the form of science

Tam products

Betavan clinical model C6

Tam C6 (formerly known as Betavan version 6) is the most complete series of Tam devices, which consists of three panels and three separate outputs, and will be able to register 12 protocols.

Betavan Cinical model C5

Tam C5 (formerly known as Betavan version 5), an 8-function version of the Tam device series, which has the ability to record 8 protocols simultaneously.

Portable single-use device c1

TamC1, a device that can be with people every day who may feel stress and anxiety during the day, causing a decrease in your performance. Applications of Mai to..

Licenses and approvals


What are Tam devices used for?

Tam devices can help everyone improve their health and bring prosperity back into your life.

  • Help improve sleep
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improving the learning process
  • Help improve sleep
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improving the learning process