About the C6 twelve-function clinical device

Preliminary description

Tom C6 (formerly known as Betavan version 6) is the most complete series of Tom devices, which consists of three panels and three separate outputs, and will be able to work with 12 protocols. The following protocols will be able to be installed on the C6 device.

Low-Delta ,Hi-Delta ,Low-Tetha , Hi-Tetha , Low-Alpha ,Hi-Alpha ,Mid-Beta ,Hi-Beta ,Gamma , ILF (Infra-Low Frequency),SMR ( Sensorimotor rhythm) ,VNS (Vagus nerve stimulation)

These 12 main protocols of Tam technology provide the user with the possibility of improving and treating a wider range of disorders. This device can be used by three people at the same time and this device can be used in clinics. In the C6 version, there is a possibility of personalization and the user can personalize this device according to his needs by preparing a brain map to bring the best performance of the device. Your brain map shows the condition of your brain waves, and if it is in the green color spectrum, it will indicate the correct functioning of that part. Blue colors indicate the lack of brain function in that part. Also, the yellow and orange colors indicate the brain's abundance in those parts, the yellow color can be accepted for some parts of the brain, but too much red color will not be suitable for our brain. The special VNS protocol, which can only be implemented on the C6 version, will be used to stimulate the vagus nerve. Tam's series of devices with technology (Li_RTMS Low intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) can stimulate brain cells by introducing electromagnetic waves. As a result, stimulation of brain cells by decreasing or increasing the activity of brain cells will eliminate disorders in time. This device can help to cure and improve a problem and after solving the problem, the user can put different protocols on the device at a separate cost or personalize the device for someone else. This device has a bag for easy transportation and will be provided to you next to the device

Total advantages compared to foreign samples

Today, rTMS devices are working in the global market and are used in medical clinics. RTMS devices send waves with a value of up to 3 million microtesla to the brain, and the magnitude of this magnetic field will discharge the brain cells and also cause very few side effects, including headaches, for patients. In order to solve this problem, Tam's research group was able to reduce the intensity of the device's magnetic field to a maximum of 149.6 microtesla. These waves are so small that compared to the 400 micro-tesla magnetic field of the hair dryer that we interact with daily, it can be ignored. This 6000% reduction of the magnetic field helps, in addition to making the device more effective, the side effects are also reduced and it only stimulates the brain cells.

Features of Tam C6 device

after sales service

Tam model C6 device will be provided with 1 year warranty and 9 years warranty. These services will be provided to customers directly from the original company and manufacturer. Up to one year, if there is a problem and there are no apparent problems, the device will be returned to the company and replaced with a new device. The warranty of the device will include all parts of the device

treatment duration

The C6 device has the ability to work with 12 protocols. The protocols you need will be set on the device after checking your brain map, and you will be given a plan to use it. An approximate estimate of the number of sessions required to solve each problem is specified in the table above. After completing the treatment and improving your disorder, you can use the device to solve your other problems or adjust it to suit someone else.



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Product Specifications

Advantages of the device